Giuseppe Lentini was born in Belgium (Liège) to Sicilian parents. At the age

of 16 he wrote his first song "Believe in yourself" and from then onwards that’s exactly

what he did. In 2002 he took part in Star Academy and in 2004 he decided to move to

London to follow his dream. He took part in a couple of projects (Charity single "The Spirit

of London", Elvis cameo for Scouting for Girls "Elvis ain’t dead" video, Cupid in Timon of

Athens, X Factor auditions/performance in front of the one and only Simon Cowell which

is already an achievement on its own. Comments from Louis Walsh: “You will be a smash

hit on the West End stage”).

                 2012 projects included "Four's a crowd" by Director Darren King, ITV

“Superfan”, “Snap n’ Trap” podcast by Director Linzy Attenborough. But most

importantly Giuseppe has been cast to appear as Paulo in a webinar session

for the forthcoming American feature film "I really hate my ex", (Ex-Free) by LA

based American Director Troy Byer Bailey (Dynasty).


                  Fall of 2012 Giuseppe embarked on the Saudi Arabia Tour with Barney the

Dinosaur show, part of the Aramco cultural festival 2012. For the first time ever

Giuseppe played the skin character of the children's favourite Baby Bop. A one time

unforgettable experience to close a busy year 2012.


                  2013 is really promising as Giuseppe is now represented by Leading Role

Agency with books in both the UK and the US. This fall will also see the release of

Giuseppe's first appearance in an American feature film "I Really Hate My Ex".


                  Latest credits include The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 and the red chair

story In The Park With Madonna - Diana Vickers Cinderella video and currently on air the

AutoTrader commercial - Driving characters on Dave. And last but not least the most 

internet talked about WhiteFog E-Cigarette TV commercial by director Jarek Jarosz.


To be continued......    



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